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Ski patrollers are the hard working women and men behind the scenes at Colorado’s renowned mountain resorts. They are the powder smashers and party crashers who are on the mountains before first light to ensure the safety of thousands of guests that visit slopes each year. 

Telling their stories through Colorado Ski Patrol are Eric Miller and John Cameron. The idea was formed as they sat in a patrol outpost high on the Continental Divide. They would create a home for the epic stories that are passed down through patrol lore on mountains across Colorado. They are passionate about making these stories accessible through creative interviews, print and digital media. 

Follow along as they dig deep to bring 
lies and legends from Colorado Ski Patrol. 

Blog and Podcast

- Sun Valley Rescue Toboggan-

“Tool of the Trade”

- Sun Valley Rescue Toboggan- ...Read More

Monarch’s first female patroller

Uncle Poncho forced the car through freshly fallen snow, only sliding a little bit as he carefully negotiated the mountain curves. From the back seat Deb Davies watched as they drove deeper into the mountains that would define her...Read More

Highway snow mitigation

It is almost dark. Packs are loaded with explosives and the route teams clicks into their skis. They would have preferred to have left by now but some things never go as quickly as planned. Four ski patrollers skate...Read More

Photos and Social Media



Blend stats:    Guatemalan -  40%    Columbian - 40%     Sumatran - 20% 

As the snow flies in pre-dawn darkness patrollers gather for morning meeting and route assignments. Before the blaster in charge issues explosives for the day’s avalanche mitigation the coffee is already brewing.

The Powder Slayer Blend from Colorado Ski Patrol is a smokey, smooth dark roast with hints of chocolate and earthy finish. It is a perfect start for those who get up early to work hard or play hard high in the mountains. With no bitterness or sweetness is an all-day drinking coffee so when everyone else is just checking the weather you have already had your second cup and dropping into your second lap. 


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